SEO: Google no longer update the PageRank in the Toolbar

News a few weeks ago, but I had to wait before publishing,
to deepen the information better.
So my dear SEO, as they say in Rome, “and ‘mo f ** i know!”
If Google does not update as the data in the Toolbar PageRank, many SEO will be in serious difficulty.
And indeed: beginning on the first “collective redundancies” of SEO.
(I wrote a previous post, here is the link, the article: Companies looking for SEO Manager / SEO Specialist when Google does “disappear” their sites)
Therefore, this important information for all SEOs and website owners: no longer be available and updated.
And Google continues to “put a spoke in the wheels” to workers SEO and Web Marketing.
Google changes the cards “on the table”, to your liking, use and consumption!
And that’s not good!
Google: do not be evil!
First with the “not provided” in Google Analytics (and in all other statistics software – ed)
the keywords “click” by Google, will no longer be present in the statistical data,
and it will optimize the work of the organic results, and you have been forced to invest in Google Adwords,
to have a minimum of data on keywords!
and Google is grateful for the revenue with Google AdWords!
Now, Google also takes away the PageRank from the Toolbar, to penalize those who do SEO “Link Building” extreme (and / or a fee – ed)
Yes, because “it is forbidden” says Google, in the simple rules of webmasters.
Obvious: it is forbidden, because the Link Building has been “undermined” the Google “top secret” algorithm, and then, all he does lose money to Google, has become “no”!
Google does not want to divide “the cake” it ‘with SEO, it’ with web marketers.
John Mueller, Google, has also made it clear in a video:
It has reached the end of the important data in key SEO.
Farewell PageRank in Google Toolbar!

Companies seek SEO Manager / SEO Specialist when Google does “disappear” their sites

And ‘always so, it is never the fault of Google, but the SEO Manager / SEO Specialist.

Many heads / Head of SEO have fallen in recent months.
I wonder why …
How many former colleagues of phone calls I have received over the last 6 months!

Important Web Agency in Milan (and even some in Switzerland – ed), no “guide” and some “young kid” put in place of the SEO Manager / SEO Specialist
for “replacement” in haste and in fury … but … the results are not (and never will be – ed)
the same, because: the experience, the real one, you can not buy, my dear multinational with your wallet full of money to the shareholders, but with crumbs for employees.

And as a result, many companies: seeking SEO “good.” Even if someone has already fled to London …

But beware, for SEO “good” means that you have to bring all customer sites in the web agency
on the front page, no, in the first 5 positions, no, the number 1 !!! Otherwise you are not an SEO “good”.

Oh poor Italian (and also Switzerland, as they are looking for there too – Ed)

But is it possible that you never learn anything from Google ???
What enters the SEO now, if Google has penalized you, because “their spy” (individual named “quality rater” – ed)
There has banned the site from the results of the Google search engine?

But how do you evaluate a “good” SEO as “poor”?
Simple: you can not, until they get the ban by Google!
Until then all the SEO are good 😉

And you? What are you looking for a “young kid” SEO Junior, or Senior SEO / Head of SEO for your business?

When you understand …
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